Zodíaco de Zune Windows 7 Theme


Enjoy images of the Chinese zodiac on your desktop


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If you are a lover of astrology, you´re surely familiar with the Chinese zodiac. The same as the Greek zodiac, the Chinese zodiac has 12 signs associated to different animals.

Zodíaco de Zune Windows 7 Theme decorates our desktop with each and every symbol of the Chinese zodiac with a modern and attractive design.

Amongst fuchsia, black and white colours, the Chinese zodiac symbols will appear in rigorous order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

The colour of the windows is neutral, so the Zodíaco de Zune Windows 7 Theme won´t interfere in our work with the rest of the programs.

It requires Windows 7.

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